iLove my iPad!

What’s not to like about a device that lets you surf the internet, check email, read ebooks (including Kindle books from, and play games; and do it all on a gorgeous touch screen that can be viewed well at almost any angle?

I guess as a publisher/distributor of books produced with paper and ink, I shouldn’t be so into the whole electronic book craze, but I am. I’ve been reading ebooks on my iPod Touch for a year and a half now with apps like eReader and the Kindle app. And the same goes for the Bible: I almost never read a paper and ink Bible any more. And the iPad just made it easier and more enjoyable than ever!

One of my favorite books of all time is A. W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God. Just the other day I downloaded a Kindle version of this book for $0.99. That’s crazy! And with the Kindle app, I can make notes and highlights. And guess what, if I make a highlight on my iPad, that highlight gets transferred to my iPod copy of the book! It also remembers where I finished reading. So if I am on page 65 when I finish reading on the iPad in the morning, if my wife picks up the iPad in the evening, I can resume reading the book on my iPod and it will take me to page 65 automatically. I don’t even have to remember where I was or put in a bookmark. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s awesome.

The iPad is also the best platform, in my view, for Bible reading and study. How else could you have a boat load of Bible translations and hundreds of reference works, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, etc. all at your fingertips on one touchscreen device? I have two Bible programs, one from Logos and one from Laridian, called PocketBible. They are both great programs in their own right. Both are “universal” apps, which means they run on iPod or iPad (when you launch the program, they detect which platform you are on and adjust accordingly).

One of the best features of the iPad is the amazing BATTERY LIFE. Apple claims the battery will last up to 10 hours. Users everywhere are reporting that this is a conservative estimate and that they actually get more than that. What’s amazing is that this applies no matter what you are doing. In other words, you still get 10 or more hours of battery life even if you watch videos or play games all day (not that I would ever try either one). I haven’t verified the battery life for my own unit because I typically don’t spent more than a couple of hours per session (usually much less).

All I can say is, get your iPad today! 🙂

How We Got Our King James Bible

In prayer meeting last night David Franklin gave a talk on the history of the English Bible. Some of his material I already knew, but some of it was new to me. As always, his study was very thorough. He talked, of course, about Wycliffe and Tyndale and later Miles Coverdale, and many others. He said that William Tyndale could speak so fluently in 8 different languages that it was hard to tell which was his native tongue. It’s always amazing what happens when someone with such colossal intellect places his life at God’s disposal.

One of the things David emphasized was the longevity of the King James Version: The year 2011 marks 400 years since it was released to the English speaking public and it is still among the three top-selling versions of the Bible. What an amazing achievement! He made the observation that its longevity can be put down to the fact that the translators didn’t use the most current English spoken at that time; and that doing so is one weakness of current “modern” translations.

I like the King James Version and it’s the one I’ve used most of my life. It’s definitely the easiest English version to memorize from. But I’m not a “King James only” person. I think it’s a very good translation and has obviously stood the test of time, but it’s not perfect; and contrary to the belief of some, the KJV translation itself is NOT inspired. It’s a translation of an inspired book.

Some people have a real problem with all of the modern translations and compare them unfavorably with the KJV. What’s funny is that almost every translation throughout history has been greeted with skepticism from some quarters. Even the KJV itself was at one time a “modern,” new-fangled translation that was considered unnecessary by certain folks.

Of Magic Mice and Men

My Logitech mouse starting acting up on me the other day (Logitechs have a way of doing that!), so I started thinking about replacing it and decided on the Apple Magic Mouse. UPS delivered it yesterday and I started using it immediately. But oh, what a disappointment! It’s an ergonomical nightmare, being much too shallow for my hand. The tracking leaves quite a bit to be desired. Downloading and installing the free Magic Prefs certainly helped speed things up and give more control, but at the end of the day, I found it pretty much unusable for the kind of work I do. So today, after having the thing in my possession for just over 24 hours, I packaged it up and sent it back to Amazon and ordered a Logitech Performance Mouse MX instead. I’ve read great things about it and am hoping it will be a good purchase. A three year warranty helped clinch the deal. It should be here tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime shipping.