iBookstore Progress

Well, it looks like things are improving for those who want to make submissions to the iBookstore. In my earlier posts I complained that the second book I tried to submit kept giving me an import error, and despite many contacts with iBookstore support, they could never really tell me how to fix the problem or really where to find the problem–just that somewhere in the ePub was an “unallowed character.” I finally decided to lay the whole thing to rest for a while, but then the other day my interest got sparked again and I decided to see if I could figure out where this unallowed character was. I began searching online for tools that would help me in the search. Before actually downloading or buying any of the tools I found, I decided to try submitting the book one more time to see if Apple’s reporting of errors had improved to the point where they would tell me where to find the problem. And lo and behold! After changing NOTHING in the submitted file, my book was accepted and is now showing up as “pending” in my iTunes Connect account! Hopefully within a few days it will be available for purchase in the iBookstore.