How to Make Spiritual Progress

Speaking of Tozer, I’m currently reading another of his books called Man, the Dwelling Place of God and came across this helpful passage this morning:

Here are a few suggestions (on how to make spiritual progress):
  1. Strive to get beyond mere pensive longing. Set your face like a flint and begin to put your life in order. Every man is as holy as he really wants to be. But the want must be all-compelling. Tie up the loose ends of your life. Begin to tithe; institute family prayer; pay up your debts as far as possible and make some kind of frank arrangement with every creditor you cannot pay immediately; make restitution as far as you can; set aside time to pray and search the Scriptures; surrender wholly to the will of God. You will be surprised and delighted with the results.
  2. Put away every un-Christian habit from you. If other Christians practice it without compunction, God may be calling you to come nearer to Him than these other Christians care to come. Remember the words, “Others may, you cannot.” Do not condemn or criticize, but seek a better way. God will honor you.
  3. Get Christ Himself in the focus of your heart and keep Him there continually. Only in Christ will you find complete fulfillment. In Him you may be united to the Godhead in conscious, vital awareness. Remember that all of God is accessible to you through Christ. Cultivate His knowledge above everything else on earth.
  4. Throw your heart open to the Holy Spirit and invite Him to fill you. He will do it. Let no one interpret the Scriptures for you in such a way as to rule out the Father’s gift of the Spirit. Every man is as full of the Spirit as he wants to be. Make your heart a vacuum and the Spirit will rush into fill it.¬†Nowhere in the Scriptures nor in Christian biography was anyone ever filled with the Spirit who did not know that he had been, and nowhere was anyone filled who did not know when. And no one was ever filled gradually.
  5. Be hard on yourself and easy on others. Carry your own cross but never lay one on the back of another. Begin to practice the presence of God. Cultivate the fellowship of the Triune God by prayer, humility, obedience and self-abnegation.

Let any Christian do these things and he will make rapid spiritual progress. There is every reason why we should all go forward in our Christian lives and no reason why we should not. Let us go on.

iBookstore Progress

Well, it looks like things are improving for those who want to make submissions to the iBookstore. In my earlier posts I complained that the second book I tried to submit kept giving me an import error, and despite many contacts with iBookstore support, they could never really tell me how to fix the problem or really where to find the problem–just that somewhere in the ePub was an “unallowed character.” I finally decided to lay the whole thing to rest for a while, but then the other day my interest got sparked again and I decided to see if I could figure out where this unallowed character was. I began searching online for tools that would help me in the search. Before actually downloading or buying any of the tools I found, I decided to try submitting the book one more time to see if Apple’s reporting of errors had improved to the point where they would tell me where to find the problem. And lo and behold! After changing NOTHING in the submitted file, my book was accepted and is now showing up as “pending” in my iTunes Connect account! Hopefully within a few days it will be available for purchase in the iBookstore.