Update on iBook Submission

Here’s an update to my June 5th post about submitting to the iBookstore. Pastoral Letters was finally accepted and as of today I’ve sold 13 copies, which means I’ve sold several more to iBook users than to Kindle users, and in a much shorter timeframe. So prospects are good for that title. The Way of the Cross is a different story. I’ve submitted it about 8 times now, and each time get a mysterious “import error.” I’ve written to iBookstore support a number of times, and finally got a response from a rep called Sandi who said she would look into the error and for me to check the status again on Tuesday, July 6th. As I sell a lot more of Mantle’s book than I do of the McCheyne title, prospects are good that once it goes live I could see some good sales numbers. I’m toying with whether to sell the ePub versions of both these books from the Kingsley Press web site also. People could download the files and then sync them to their iPod Touch or iPad using iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Update on iBook Submission

  1. Not yet. I have continued to “badger” iBookstore support over the issue. They finally told me that a file in the ePub I submitted contained an unallowed character (despite the fact that it validates!). That really helped me a lot. NOT! So I asked them if they could be more specific–like which file, and what character? I got an email back on Friday saying they would look at it and get back to me that day. I’m still waiting…

  2. When you applied to sell your book(s), were you able to upload your ePub file right away, or did you have to wait for Apple to approve your account first? How did you upload the ePub?

    I’ve been waiting over a week for them to approve my account so I can even log into iTunes Connect and find out how to upload my ePub file… 🙁

    • Yes, you have to wait until your account is approved before uploading anything. You upload to them using a piece of software called iTunes Producer. It’s a kind of wizard that takes you through all the steps (like entering your ISBN number, meta information, etc.) and then the last stage is uploading. Then there is another wait to see if your book is approved.

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